October 15 love horoscope

Aquarius, listen to your dreams and ideas of love to guide you in the right direction. It's easy to get confused about what love is meant to be like when you compare yourself to others. The Sun tarot card reveals that you can let love be the way you define it and things work out in a way you hoped.

Compatibility of Sun Signs

Libra, be patient and kind about the way you share yourself with others including property. Someone could depend on you more than before and it requires you to let go of the control, not that you mind if it's for a good cause. The Temperance tarot card signals that you might be worry about something related to love. Share your concerns that let go of what you need to in order to relieve the burden from your heart.

Lucky color

Taurus, partnerships and your relationship may be going through some changes but these are positive. Something from the past week can come up again today. The Chariot tarot card reveals that there's a conflict or situation you consider difficult and it will be a challenge but once it's resolves, you are stronger and happier.

Virgo, talking about the future can prove to be a complicated thing to address. If you are uncertain about the way your life is headed at this time, it may be tough to commit to any one thing. The Empress tarot card is a sign that you may need to seek counsel for the emotions that are come up when you explore your options. Capricorn, you may be making new friends and one might be of particular interest. Perhaps you think you have met a soulmate and you're falling in love. The Wheel of Fortune lets you know that there are plenty of directions your future can head in right now.

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Don't anticipate that you will be in one particular place. Go with the flow. Aries, your love life is under construction.

October 15 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

You could be rebuilding a beautiful future or deciding it's time to end a relationship once and for all. The Moon tarot card lets you know that it's time to listen to your heart and to follow the path of your emotions. Rather than think too much ask your heart what it is that it wants. Leo, if home is where the heart is you are looking for stability and structure. Perhaps you're ready to settle down now and hope to meet someone who shares similar values and accepts you for who you are.

If you're married, you may be ready to give your partner the piece of yourself you've held back on. The High Priestess tarot lets you know that it's time to grow deep roots, and let your feminine side nurture your relationship in a spiritual way. Sagittarius, you may feel as though you're walking through somebody else's dream today.

Things can be clearer when you pray and ask for guidance, even when what you feel is strong and pure. The Hermit card lets you know that inner wisdom is your friend today. You can ask for help from the universe and it hears your voice loud and clear.

Follow Us. Social situations do not scare you.

Your daily horoscope: October 15 - The Globe and Mail

You have an inborn sense of community. You are able to communicate with people who may not necessarily speak the same language as you. That is how well you can connect with others. You are able to speak the common language of humanity based on how you smile and how you carry yourself. People just take a natural liking to you.

However, there are limits to all of these. You can easily feel cramped or imposed on if people try to press for deeper friendship. They feel that while they can get along with pretty much everybody, there is a certain line of intimacy they dare not cross. In many cases, this line gets worse and worse with every year. You would do much better in life if you were to question those lines and push them back. You get along with almost everybody you meet.

You know when to say the right things and the right time to do so. While Venus plays a strong role in your cosmic constitution, Jupiter still exerts a calming influence. Put these two factors together and it easily explains the seeming contradiction in your personality. You should avoid being scared of your inner limits. Come out of your shell, and take more risks as far as your emotions go. Your lucky color is gray.

October 15 Birthday Horoscope

Gray is actually quite an exciting color because it blends pretty much with every other color. It speaks volumes about your personality. However, there are still certain people you ought to avoid — the first such personality is someone who loves stirring up conflict and drama. As a person of peace, you find this kind of energy very harmful, and mediating it is an absolute nightmare. Worse, they tend to override your arguments as to why certain events need to play out a certain way, leaping before they look in every way and often leaving chaos in their wake.

What a nightmare! Nonetheless, do yourself a big favor and take more risks as far as intimacy is concerned.