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RE: does the Jenna astrologer really work? I am working as a Chinese fortune teller, and I also interesting in astrology, I used to use Jenna's service 2years ago, I am quite disappointed with her accuracy, only right less a half. She always do the sales work and send mails to me and I placed a little order again last week , but this time is no reponse and I send several emails for tracking, as she said will reply me within 4days.

I am quite doubt she is a fraud. I received Jenna emails where she warns me of a coming transit I haven't paid her for the second reading as my investigation led to this. That may involve doing a web adress owner lookup. Then call the local police for that area and file a report. The Belgian police are not going to be able to do anything. Most astrologers do work for a living and have every right to expect payment for their services; many people think horoscopes are all there is to astrology and don't realize the hard work that goes into preparing a client consultation or report.

BUT this particular astrologer sounds like a fraud for a couple of reasons. One, had you consulted her before? How does she even know your precise data to formulate a reading for you?

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Astrology relies on the date, place and exact time of birth; any reading that is not based on the full birth chart will be inaccurate and misleading. Astrology also does not require any "magic" or "psychic powers" and adding these to Sun sign astrology is not true astrology, so definitely be suspicious of those types. If she doesn't have your full birth data, and isn't basing your reading on a complete birth chart, then she is not a real astrologer, period. Two, even if you had gone to her for a reading, the terms should have been laid out upfront.

Does the Jenna astrologer really work?

Ie: this is the type of reading, and this is what you get for this price. Most of us have a price list and description of our services so the client knows exactly what they're paying for before they even walk in the door or hit the payment button on the website. It should not be: pay me now, and I'll do part of a reading, but if you want to know more or "the really really good stuff"! I'll charge you more before I tell you. Even worse are the types who say they've "seen" either something really good or really bad coming up for you, but they won't tell you what it is unless you pay. They're preying on either your hopes or fears in this case to get your money, and most of us real astrologers consider that to be highly unethical.

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That said, the planets do move, and you may want to see an astrologer for an update every 6 months to a year to see what's coming up. But the most you will get from a reputable astrologer is a postcard usually a Happy Birthday one : explaining the benefits of such an update, a newsletter or a friendly email. Any high-pressure sales tactics denote an unethical person who doesn't deserve your money.

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In this usage it is synonymous with the term "ancient astrology. In that sense it includes ancient astrology as well as medieval and Renaissance astrology.

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