Daily horoscope 22 december

Since this happens only once a year — use this to your benefit! Because your birthday is approaching, this means your personal year is coming to a close.

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Now is the time to look back over your shoulder and ask yourself how well you are doing at the art of living. What changes do you want your new year? Think about it. Your popularity will increase in the next four weeks because friends and family all want to see you! You are loved! This is an excellent time to join clubs, groups and associations.

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  5. Actor Ralph Fiennes shares your birthday today. You are an optimist with a positive view of the world you are ambitious, hard-working and determined. This year you are wrapping up a nine-year cycle. That is why it is a time of completions and taking inventory. Expect to say goodbye to people, places and possessions. The good news is you are moving away from heavy burdens to something new and lighter! Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. We are committed to maintaining a lively but civil forum for discussion and encourage all readers to share their views on our articles.

    We ask you to keep your comments relevant and respectful. Visit our community guidelines for more information. Georgia Nicols.

    Your daily horoscope: December 22 - The Globe and Mail

    Filed under Life Horoscopes. Enough of the endless parade of talking heads, can we skip the campaign and go directly to the vote? Kevin Howard says the lawsuit against his wife's lover — a family friend — is about respecting the sanctity of a marriage. At a time when the world is safer than any in history, children are being taught that they live on the brink of a variety of existential threats.

    Comments Postmedia is pleased to bring you a new commenting experience. Find something low-key and set off with your soul crew. Let your wild soul take you where you have been yearning to go. Oh, the adventures that await you when you are travelling solo! Everybody loves a good margarita. But how much is too much?

    Your Daily Horoscope For December 12, 2018

    If you have the option, take the detox route this weekend. You want to get your system ready for the debauchery that awaits you in the days to come. Cosmic tip: Take the detox route this weekend to get your system ready for party season. Healing is a process, Scorpio. Allow yourself to feel the depth of your emotions completely—the anger, the sadness, the loneliness, the melancholy. It is only by delving into the shadows that we can find the light. Express your need for space to your partner and loved ones.

    Cosmic tip: Healing is a process. Allow yourself to feel your emotions completely. You want to be mindful of both your actions and your words today.


    So what if everybody is operating from the space of ego? Remember, when you are being unkind to another, you are being unkind to yourself. Summon your higher self and ask her how she would navigate this situation. You already know the answer to this one, Sagittarius. Cosmic tip: Summon your higher self and ask her how she would navigate this situation. Control is an illusion anyway. Prepare yourself for one final round of cosmic chaos before the year ends. Instead of going into victim mode, ask the right questions.

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    Cosmic tip: Prepare yourself for one final round of cosmic chaos before the year ends. Set some time aside for mindful practices like meditation and journaling. It is by sitting down with yourself that you will move closer to a space of clarity.

    Cosmic tip: Mindfulness practices like meditation and journaling will help you find the answers you seek. Good things come easily to you. As and when the financial woes get the better of you, remind yourself that you are connected to the cosmic flow of abundance. Get ready to receive the material rewards for all the hard work you have been putting in.

    Remember to share the harvest and be grateful towards those who have helped you get where you are today.

    Capricorn Love and Sex

    Aries horoscope today Phew! Taurus horoscope today What if radical self-love is the secret to your Universe? Cosmic tip: Express your sensuality fully, in the bedroom and outside. Gemini horoscope today This is the weekend to take self-care Saturday to a whole new level. Cosmic tip: Take your self-care seriously.

    Leo horoscope today But, what about your gifts, Leo? Cosmic tip: Find a way to balance your personal projects along with your work.

    Daily Horoscope 22 December 2016

    Virgo horoscope today Tear that to-do list into pieces. Cosmic tip: This is the weekend to set off on a solo adventure. Libra horoscope today Everybody loves a good margarita.